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The Very Center of Vermont’s Best Mountain Biking

The quantity and quality of mountain bike trails that have been developed in Central Vermont over the last few years is quite amazing and is sure to increase Vermont’s reputation as the premier mountain biking destination in the east.

Millstone Hill is uniquely situated in the geographic center of Vermont’s best trail networks and is the perfect choice to base your Vermont Mountain Biking experience. Conveniently located at the crossroads of Interstate 89, US Rt. 302, US Rt. 2, and Vt. Rt. 110 and 14, it is also within an hour’s drive of most of the major mountain biking networks in Vermont.

Base your mountain biking holiday at Millstone Hill and spend several other days exploring Kingdom Trails or one of the other exciting mountain biking networks being developed in Central Vermont.

Millstone Hill is located just:

  • 1 hour south of Kingdom Trails, the most popular mountain biking destination in the East
  • 30 minutes from the excellent trail network being developed in Waterbury
  • 45 minutes from trails being developed by the Burlington based Fellowship of the Wheel
  • 1 hour from the Pine Hill Park trails in Rutland, VT
  • 2 hours from Highland Mountain in Northfield, NH

Experience the Best of Vermont from Millstone Hill >>

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