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Experience The Best Of Vermont

Experience the best of Vermont from Millstone Hill

Amazingly, some of our visitors come to Millstone Hill hoping to do more than just experience Vermont’s best recreation trail network! For those looking for that quintessential Vermont Experience, Central Vermont is an ideal destination. The Twin Cities of Barre and Montpelier, Vermont’s state capital, offer many lodging, restaurant and cultural experiences.


Millstone Hill is located in Barre, Vermont’s third largest city.  One of the state’s most historic and colorful localities, Barre has an excellent collection of historic architecture and beautiful granite sculpture.

Millstone Hill Touring Center and Vermont Granite Museum

The first stop in any Millstone Hill experience, it’s the place to get your maps, tickets, snacks and information.

The Shops located in the Historic Millstone Hill General Store offer a diverse selection of local food products, gifts and art.  The Museum is a small self-guided display of the amazing story of 200 years of granite quarrying on Millstone Hill, from the first quarry in the 1700’s, through the boom years in the late 1800’s with over 75 independent operators, to their abandonment and the consolidation of the industry in the 1900’s.

Every visit to Millstone Hill should either begin of end with a visit to the Museum, to fully understand the significance of all the granite quarrying ruins that are such an integral part of the Millstone Hill experience.

Rock of Ages

Once one of 75 independent operators, Rock of Ages is today the only active quarrying operation on Millstone Hill and the owner of much of the land that you will be exploring when on the trails.  One of the top 5 tourist destinations in Vermont for almost 100 years, the new state of the art Visitors Center at Rock of Ages is an excellent way to see what granite quarrying on Millstone Hill is all about today.

Hope Cemetery

Considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in America, Hope Cemetery is actually Barre’s outdoor art museum.  As the center of the finest granite sculpting in America for over 100 years, Barre has produced many of the monuments in Washington DC, as well as most of the finest Civic Monuments and funerary art in America.  Hope Cemetery is a pastoral setting for a large number of very personal tombstones produced by and for the nations premier granite sculptors.

Barre Opera House

Thanks to the passion for Opera by Barre’s once dominant Italian community, The Opera House was constructed above Barre’s imposing City Hall and after careful restoration is today one of Vermont’s finest live performance venues.  An ongoing and diverse offering of music and stage performances are held there throughout the year.

Studio Place Arts

As a result of the many granite sculptors who have called it home for over 100 years, Barre has one of the largest per capita concentration of artists in American.  Studio Place Arts (SPA) is a very active community arts center that features local and state artists in many diverse media.


There are a variety of lodging alternatives on Millstone Hill itself, all with direct trail access.

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