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Trail Highlights

Grand Opening Friday August 23rd

the new Vortex Trail

A one mile all granite skills trail addition to Harrington Heights

It has taken Pierre almost three years to complete this one mile addition to his signature Harrington trails. Like the Ridge and the Heights, The Vortex loop exposes nearly one mile of solid granite tread, with considerable stone work, his passion, and some interesting bridgework inspired by Kevin and the trails crew. With this addition and Kevin’s soon to be completed Angry Gnome connector trail between the tops of Harrington Heights and Screaming Demon, our 5 year development of the western slope of Millstone Hill will be just about completed. We will continue to rework the trails and make improvements to improve the flow and eliminate any new wet spots throughout the remainder of the summer. Come check out the Vortex loop and let us know how you like it.imageimageimage

Harrington Ridge and Harrington Heights

Harrington Ridge

We have continued our expansion in the Abbott’s Woods area with the creation of the “Harrington Ridge” and “Harrington Heights” Trails. These new trails rise above the “Rock and Roll” Trail with great views, ledge plateaus and challenging terrain.

Stephen Gilmore – Trail Crew

Harrington Ridge is an intermediate/expert trail with moderate climbs and descents along the side hill of a ledge knob. You will have a chance to catch your breath as you try to maintain your balance while riding on a ledge spine on a plateau surrounded by moss, balsams and spruce. There are nice views towards Barre City at the highpoints of the trail at Crows Nest and Eagles Nest.

Harrington Heights is an expert trail and is probably one of our most challenging to date. Pierre really put his heart and soul into this one while throwing in a variety of features that range from a banked turn on a ledge slab to challenging climbs and descents on large boulders and on more ledge! This trail also features some great views towards Barre City and is definitely venturing into nose bleed territory! Don’t miss it.

Joe St. Jeans – Trail Crew

Screaming Demon

Kevin Jacques- trail crew

Check out the new features on Screaming Demon that really amp up the adrenaline flow. Kevin, Jason and their buddies have been busy adding some exciting new North Shore style bridges this spring that span large boulders and create a half circle of exceptional riding. Forget the “Great Escape” and come here instead! More features will be added this summer so stay tuned…


Roller Coaster

Jason Jacques – Trail Crew

Many of you expert riders already know what a fun trail Roller Coaster is. Much of it is also suitable for upper level intermediate riders as well. There are bypasses around many of the features so you don’t have to commit the first time you ride through. These features include banked turns, a gap jump, a teeter-totter, etc. This trail certainly lives up to its name and is a must see!

Roller Coaster, Screaming Demon, Harrington Ridge and Heights are all one way trails for safety and flow reasons. Please ride them accordingly.

We have a small but very dedicated crew on our Trails Committee. It is very time consuming to maintain our trails and we could really use some extra help. We typically have trailwork days one or two Sunday mornings per month. We maintain a list of emails of folks whe express interest in being notified for these days. We currently offer one day pass for each 1/2 day of trailwork. Please add your name to this list and join us for a work day sometime. Thanks.

New Expert Section Added To Rock and Roll in 2012

Eagle Scout Ryan Roberts and the members of Troop 714 built two bridges for us last fall. This spring the trail was completed by Pierre and some Norwich Students.

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